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Most of the controversial issues among Christians would end up if we based everything in the most basic concepts of God.

  • God is love.
  • God is one.
  • God is Spirit.

God is love and everyone born from him love his brother. If someone does not love his brother, such does not know God.
On this, we know that we are in Him and that we are in the true, in that we love one another, according to the Apostle John.

God is one and there is no division in him. And so his church is one and indivisible, because every member is born from the Spirit and is united to God by love and so united to the rest of the body.

There is no space for hate and resentment within the body of Christ. Jesus commended us even to love our enemies. And if we have to love those who prosecute us and curse us and hate us, how much those who are close to us and do not hate us, just disagree with us.

God is Spirit. We will never know God but through the Spirit, because He is Spirit. But we can’t perceive the spirit, but trough the word and the Character. And no one has the word of God, neither the character, but God himself. Only the words and life of Jesus show us God, because nobody knows the Father, but the one who came out of him (Jesus). He is the only way through God and we can only know his words and character through the scriptures.

The revelation of the scriptures comes by the the faith in Jesus Christ and the presence of his Holy Spirit. And there is no confirmation on any revelation without agreement with the scriptures, or confirmation by prophecy.

By the mouth of two or three witnesses should be taken all matters. So the revelation of the word should be confirmed by the word of God or by more than one prophet who shows the fruit of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.

The scriptures have no meaning, if we don’t perceive them as real. In other words, we need to believe them, to see Jesus as a real man who once was around on earth. We also need to re-read the scriptures and pray over them. We also need to clean ourselves from all sins and fruit of the flesh and from our own prejudice and pre-learned ideas.

When we think we know something, we are actually locking ourselves to learn and to understand. No wonder children learn faster than adults!

To understand the scriptures, we need to know, that we don’t know it. The one who seeks is the one who finds. The one who ask is the one who receives.

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