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If anyone has the intention of exercising power over anyone through ministry, such a person should never minister in the church of The Lord.

If anyone wants to be over the others, such has to turn into the servant of everyone. This is what Jesus says.

Should a woman teach? This is a very polemical theme nowadays. The Didascalia is one of the non-canonical books. It gives us a more detailed explanation of what Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 14:34, and 1 Timothy 2:12. It seems that the widows were uneducated and not suitable to give an acceptable response about doctrines and issues on concerning punishment and reward, and the kingdom of the name of Christ and other subjects. This commands also applies to the layman. The idea seems to be to stop the Gospel from getting corrupted and misunderstood by the gentiles and new believers.

The widows were allow to speak about non-complex subjects such as concerning righteousness and faith in God.

Ministry is service, responsibility, sacrifice. You don’t preach to be honored, but to honor God. When you honor God, you are not seeking for recognition of any kind, but to do the will of God even if that represents to fight discrimination at your own church. The greatest ministers that history recognizes were killed, went to jail, and did not enjoy much reverence.

God called prophets when his people were in sin, to bring them back to repentance. Most of the time, kings hated the ministers of God, because their words were not pleasant.

Men of God who are sent by God are rarely welcome. There is no advantage on being a minister other than spiritual, and this is by the faith in God.

Let’s serve God with a pure heart and clean conscious  not seeking to please ourselves but to The Lord.

It’s a bigger issue to stop bad workers who offend the ministry with their actions than discriminating women preachers. As a good Christian, our main concern should be make sure that the ministers are bringing God’s message. If the message is good, let’s receive it. Let’s not judge, let God be the judge. Remember that we are not under the low of men but under the grace of God in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Pray to God over everything and watch for the fruits. A good tree will produce good fruits and a bad one, will produce bad fruits. The good preacher or minister will conduct in a good way according to the word of God. If a particular woman is a vessel of honor in the house of the Lord, why to disturb her? There is nothing in the bible that says that to be a woman is a sin. Nothing clearly says that women are unworthy of preaching the gospel of Jesus which is mean to be preached by testimonies. It says that Paul did not allowed women to teach or exercise power over men.

We all know that Paul often says this is from the Lord or this is from me. He made sure that the church understood that he was not speaking by the Lord all the time, but rather as a men experienced in the faith of Jesus Christ.

If you have something to testify about the wonders of God, you can preach in faith that God is wonderful and righteous.

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