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Mark of the beast

Where can we find real answers?

666 Incomplete Number of Man

The only other part of the bible that mention the 666 is referring to the annual rent of Salomon in 1 Kings 10:14 and 2 Chronicles 9:13.

There is a powerful group, The Free Masons that relates with the construction of the Temple of Salomon.  A secret society with many mysteries.  They also aim for power.  According to what I know about them, their mission is to keep the good people in high positions of power.  Also to open the spiritual minds of those who follow within their fraternity.  All this, sounds great!  The only problem is that it’s so secret that we do not know for sure.

There is also a conspiracy theory which have many people alarmed.  But what is behind the whole subject?  The true is that because everything seems so secret, there is not much information to relay on.  It’s like rumors, nothing in concrete.

The Illuminati, is also another obscure subject.  Some say that this group disappeared a long time ago.  But to tell you the true.  A so dangerous and secret group, could be and could be not.  It’s as hard to prove that they exists as to prove that they do not exist.

The new book of Dan Brown as well as his other book of the Davincci code brings enough doughs to wake up the imagination.  Now Brown says that his book is complete fiction.  It could be.  But we need to stay alert.  Not scared or desperate in any way, because we trust that The Lord is our Shepherd and nothing we shall want.

From my side, I would like to know which are the prophesies of Prophet Nathan?  What it’s written in those other lost books over Salomon and those other written by Salomon that are lost.

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