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There were many wide-spread lies in the dark ages in the church.  Many of those lies were bound by the reform.  But when it comes to the nature of God.  There is a concept that still persists and preached as if it is true.  It’s not based on scriptures or anything.  It’s just a very defended concept that many support.

This is the saying that Trinity is a mystery that no one can possibly understand.  It’s a way to close the subject before any question may arise.  Whoever even touches it, is automatically considered heretic.  This was one of the main causes of mass killing by the Catholic church based on heresies. (more…)

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The air did not exist until it was discovered.

Math did not mean anything until man started thinking. (more…)

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The Atheist proclaim to experience freedom of religion as an awakening.

The true is that we all should be free of the religion that encourages ignorance.   We should be free of the religion where faith is based on dogmas that prohibit the search for explanations.

When we proclaim the true, there is no fear of being found.  There is nothing to hide.

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, proclaimed the true and warn us against foolishness.

The conversion to Jesus Christ is the real awaking of our lives.   He make us to understand that the world is all about understanding God and it’s purpose for our lives.   This is what brings happiness, peace and joy.

We know the world is true because it has become reality to us.

Like that song “Amazing Grace”  “I was lost, now, I am found.  I was blind, now I see.”

As a Christian transformed by the word of God and his power, I can say from the bottom of my heart.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, nothing I shall want.”

“I live no more, but Jesus lives in me.  And whatsoever I live in the flesh, I live it by faith in The Son of God who gave himself for me.”

He keeps my soul alive.

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If Jesus was God, why did he pray to himself?
Jesus praying to The Father

Jesus Praying to Himself

Some people think that human intelligence will made them bible wizards. But the true is, that even when The Bible is targeting educated and non-educated people, the bible is not mean to be understood according to human knowledge.

1 Corinthians 2:13-14

“13 This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words. 14 The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

The first step to understand the scriptures, is to accept that you are a sinner. The second step, is to repent sincerely. Then, we need to recognize that all perfect wisdom and all perfect gifts are coming from God. We need to recognize that all men are liars, but God is truthful. We need to understand, that we know nothing, but God has all the answers.

Isaiah 29:11-14

“11 And the vision of all this has become to you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, “Read this,” he says, “I cannot, for it is sealed.” 12 And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, “Read this,” he says, “I cannot read.” 13 And the Lord said: “Because this people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment of men learned by rote; 14 therefore, behold, I will again, do marvelous things with this people, wonderful and marvelous; and the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hid.”

God is Spirit and his word should be understood spiritually. The problem is that the fleshy man sees all

spiritual things as without meaning. The spirit is known by experience. It’s not a feeling. It’s knowledge. It’s faith.

Spiritual is what is true in our hearts. Sometimes, the spiritual is manifested in our emotions. The reason is that the emotions express what is deep in our hearts. When emotions overpass our reasoning, we can say, they are coming from the heart, or from the spirit. But you can be certain, they have a reason to be.

For example, I can say, this person has no reason to be mad at me. I am not happy with this person’s attitude, but I can’t feel upset no matter what. I just can’t. This can be called love or trust. This is what

stop us from feeling anger even when reasonable we should. It’s not

is coming not from our mind. This is coming from our hearts. It’s a spiritual feeling or probably not feeling, but perception. It’s stronger than our mind’s will.

So it’s God. He is true and we know him. We do not know him because of words, but because we experienced him.

In the passage above, God complains that this people honor him from the mouth and not from their hearts. They are like automate worshipers that are not really into what they are doing. They do it because someone told them to do so. It’s not from their own hearts. They do not mean what they are saying when they sing. They do not do good because their hearts drive them to do so. We can say, it’s from the flesh.

Some people misunderstand what comes from the flesh. They think that from the flesh mean sinful. But, it just means that it’s not from the spirit. It could be with good intention, but not truthful and not from the heart. And because of this, it does not last.

Then, is Jesus God or not?

“Jesus is praying to himself” is one of the many popular comments that men and women without spiritual understanding make. They have no clue of what is God and who is Jesus.

If Jesus is God, why Jesus prayed so much?

Understand once for all, that God is spirit. God is not a man, neither a son of man.

The bible explains very clear that Jesus was praying to the Father “God.” He said, that he was not The Father, That the Father was bigger than him. That he came from The Father.

The relationship between God and Jesus has been a theme of debate for centuries.

If God is spirit, he can never be just a man. But he can be in a man. God was in Jesus.

Jesus is Christ. Christ means the anointed. We recognized Jesus as The real Tabernacle of God. The only way for us to know God.

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It may sound a little silly, but in moments of desperation or frustration, really works to call Jesus and tell him exactly how we feel.

I was in church for many years, and “knew a great deal about the bible.”  I remembered that my pastor told me once, that I was an elderly of the church to my surprise.  And even after that, at one point, I found myself struggling and I said in my heart, I need Jesus.

And I told him.  I said Lord, Jesus, I need you.  I need you to fix my life.  I need, you.

And I started surfing the web about Jesus.  I subscribed to newsgroups about Jesus.  And all I found were people denying God and cursing.  I started talking to them, exposing the gospel.  I started telling them about Jesus.  All the words were coming back to me.  And at the same time, those words were talking to me.

The whole bible started having a more especial meaning.  Every story in the bible was like brand new.  The stories that I heard since I was a child got a special power and sounded different.

Then, the greatest thing happened.  The Lord started working with me.   I never felt him so close.  My prayers were answered, I changed.  Everything changed.  I started seeing things from a different perspective.

So many things that I used to believe, I started seeing them as they were.  I realized that I was believing many lies.

I understood that The Lord truly love us and care about us.  That the blessing of God is always there if we just can see it. Also, I understood that I was blind, that I couldn’t see.  The Lord opened my spiritual eyes.  I also understood, that I was never as righteous as I thought.  But that The Lord could take me through all the way if I just trust him.

I learned that I would never be the same.  I started seeing things differently, feeling more compassion, caring more about others.  I got so sensitive, that I even started liking Opera.  I mean Christian Opera and old music.  I was living every feeling coming from the music.

When I read the news, I prayed in the spirit.  Every morning was a day for The Lord.

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Holy Spirit

Awakening of The Holy Spirit

Awakening of The Holy Spirit

There are some offensive expressions when referring to the Pentecostal movements. Ignorance is dangerous, but even more dangerous is to talk about the things, we do not know.  And it’s even more dangerous to talk against the Holy Ghost.

What most of those who criticize this ignore, is that the person dancing or praying in the Spirit, is 100% conscious of everything.  There is not such trance, or real slain.

The Spirit takes over your tongue or your body, but you still have full control over your body and your tongue.  And sometimes, the person is not under the control of The Holy Spirit but under their own flesh.

What these people actually experience is a deep joy.  This is worshiping at another level, where people cry of joy, feel God.  See their praise answered and God treating them as individuals.

I had seen something that sounded very awkward to me.  There are people who call the congregation and tell them, let’s speak in tongues now.  What’s the purpose of speaking in tongues?  To me, this sound fake.  You speak in tongues when you pray or when the Spirit address you to do so.  Even when you pray, it’s not a calculated choice.  The Spirit is the one intervening mysteriously.  You pray for things you don’t know and often for things you know.  You understand what is going on, and the feelings of joy and sorrow are passed to you.  Your soul is renewed, your love for the souls increases.  After, you are more capable to face the day and the troubles coming with it.

Unfortunately, the practice has been exploited by some to gather ignorant multitudes seeking for a real experience with God.  But the good thing about it is that even when the ministers are wrong, The Spirit is truthful and the clean soul is not contaminated.

Part of the job of The Spirit is to keep us awake.   The Spirit reveals mysteries and warn us of things that could harm us beforehand.

People do not manipulate The Holy Ghost.   There is no magic hands on one preacher, unless God has given it.   And if God gives the gift, the kingdom of God is manifested.

There are other types of spirits, but the Spirit of God is recognized by its fruit ( As a single fruit):

Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

The Spirit of The Lord’s purpose is to rebuild our lives and make us capable for all good work to enhance the kingdom of God.  It brings freedom, discipline and wisdom.  When I say freedom, I mean, freedom of the soul.  It allowed us to say no to sin and no the lairs who profane the word of God.

When you see something you do not understand, pray to God to open your eyes.  Do not judge by the appearance.

Joel 2:28

“28And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:”

Praise The Lord!

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You may call it coincidence.

Today and yesterday, I assisted to a camp meeting. Yesterday, the preacher read the same passage I read to my children the night before. He talked about the same theme of a movie I saw the week before. And finally, he preached about the same thing, I have being praying that week.

The next day, I asked God about something.  And guess what?  The preacher preached about it.  And one of the scriptures I posted in my post was what he used that night.

Some other coincidence:

I keep forgetting things.  I misplace things, and then I can’t find them.  When I say, God, where is it?  Almost all the time, I immediately find them.  Or sometimes, I ask God to direct me where to look, and where my heart tells me to go, I go.  And almost all the time I find them.

Why not all the time?  This is a question for God that I would like to know.

Another coincidence:

When I was pregnant for the first time, I was scared.  I heard so many stories of pain and extreme labor that I couldn’t help not to be scared.

Well, I asked God to not let me see and suffer the pain of the delivery.  This did not make too much sense.  But the true is that, I had a natural delivery of a beautiful and perfectly healthy girl, while sleeping.

I did not see the birth of my first daughter.  I had no major pain, but everything went well.

Finding God, sometimes is a learning process.  It takes either belief or genuine sincerity.

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The one who is not born again won't enter the kingdom of God

Receive the kingdom as a child
The new birth in Jesus Christ was very popular at one point, but it seem to be loosing importance in our churches today. The true is that the bible says that whoever is not born from water and from the Spirit will not enter the kingdom of God. To be born again seems to be vital to reach salvation.

First, we are born from water through baptism. We commit to believe and live according to the scriptures. In few words, we commit to fallow Jesus in everything he said. This part takes a great deal of self control and discipline. Few people are naturally well disciplined and have a great deal of self control. These group make wonderful religious people. Probably this is the group that won’t put our churches in shame.

But there is another requirement to reach salvation. We need to repent and born from the Spirit. This is easy to understand for all of those who are sinners to the eyes of everyone. It’s easy for those who have no sense of self discipline and neither self control to recognize that only a miracle from God can save them. That was the case of the women who cry at Jesus feet and dry his feet with her tears. She was repented from her heart. She could see that she did not deserve to be saved, that she needed The Lord desperately on her life.

But the big true is that we are all sinners and none of us deserve salvation for what we had done. Salvation is a gift to those who find grace on Him.

The second baptism or new birth is the one from the Spirit. Through the spirit, we gain a new heart capable of loving, full of faith, joy, peace. A meek heart, humble and good, capable of controlling himself. The fruit of the Spirit produces in us a sincere repentance and it convince us of sin. John 16:8 “GOD’S WORD Translation
He will come to convict the world of sin, to show the world what has God’s approval, and to convince the world that God judges it.”

The Holy Spirit also purifies our hearts giving us clean and pure heart according to God.

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No wars should be made in the name of GodThere are some teachings of Jesus very hard to digest. But looking at them closely, we realize that they are the base of our Christian faith.

The Lord send us as sheeps in the midst of wolves.
Christian should never fight back, they say…
The sheeps have no chance when facing a wolf. Because the sheeps are unable to defend themselves. The Shepperd pays close attention to any danger and immediately something goes wrong, he runs to rescue them. He does not care of how big is the danger. But he put his life to save his sheeps. The example is king David when working as a Shepperd for his father.

In this world, If we try to defend ourselves as Christians, we will perish. If we fight evil practicing evil, then we are like them. In this case, we won’t be enhancing the kingdom of God, but the kingdom of darkness.

Matthew 26:52 says: “Put away your sword,” Jesus told him. “Those who use the sword will die by the sword. It’s clear that the Lord disagree with faithing his battles through a sword.

Jesus healed the soldier who went to catch him after Peter cut his ear. We are called to heal, to restore, to forgive, to give to the poor. In few words, to bring the kingdom of God to this world.

Someone may ask, how this can be done without fighting. This is the reason we live by faith. The Lord founded his church with a few

God loves my enemy, so should I.

followers who were not politically powerful, neither well educated, but believe in Jesus words with all their hearts.

Like Paul said, our fight is not against flesh neither blood, but rather against principalities of darkness.

We need to make everyone aware that no one should go to war. This is a dream, it may look impossible, but one day it will happen. It’s written.

If our whole nation convert to Jesus, we need to change our army and instead of people with weapons, we should have an army of man and women with bibles and full of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the gospel to the enemies. Because the only enemy of Jesus followers is evil itself, not the people. If we need to abandon the country, we can do it because we know that our citizenship is not of this world but of Heaven. If do not have anything, we can trust that the Lord provides to those who are loyal to him. This is faith and true belief.

As Christian and I am not patriot for any country but of Heaven. If my country fights and my enemy looses, I also loose. Because God is also at their side. My victory is only when everyone wins. When there is peace. When Jesus touches the hearts and people come to God.

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Most of the controversial issues among Christians would end up if we based everything in the most basic concepts of God.

  • God is love.
  • God is one.
  • God is Spirit.

God is love and everyone born from him love his brother. If someone does not love his brother, such does not know God.
On this, we know that we are in Him and that we are in the true, in that we love one another, according to the Apostle John.

God is one and there is no division in him. And so his church is one and indivisible, because every member is born from the Spirit and is united to God by love and so united to the rest of the body.

There is no space for hate and resentment within the body of Christ. Jesus commended us even to love our enemies. And if we have to love those who prosecute us and curse us and hate us, how much those who are close to us and do not hate us, just disagree with us.

God is Spirit. We will never know God but through the Spirit, because He is Spirit. But we can’t perceive the spirit, but trough the word and the Character. And no one has the word of God, neither the character, but God himself. Only the words and life of Jesus show us God, because nobody knows the Father, but the one who came out of him (Jesus). He is the only way through God and we can only know his words and character through the scriptures.

The revelation of the scriptures comes by the the faith in Jesus Christ and the presence of his Holy Spirit. And there is no confirmation on any revelation without agreement with the scriptures, or confirmation by prophecy.

By the mouth of two or three witnesses should be taken all matters. So the revelation of the word should be confirmed by the word of God or by more than one prophet who shows the fruit of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.

The scriptures have no meaning, if we don’t perceive them as real. In other words, we need to believe them, to see Jesus as a real man who once was around on earth. We also need to re-read the scriptures and pray over them. We also need to clean ourselves from all sins and fruit of the flesh and from our own prejudice and pre-learned ideas.

When we think we know something, we are actually locking ourselves to learn and to understand. No wonder children learn faster than adults!

To understand the scriptures, we need to know, that we don’t know it. The one who seeks is the one who finds. The one who ask is the one who receives.

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After Pentecost, the church experienced great change. We see Peter preaching, healing, but hey! This is not the first time that the disciples healed and performed great miracles. When the Lord sent the 12 and them the 70. The gospels say that they healed the sick, rebuked devils, resurrected the death and preached the good news of the kingdom. They were amazed of how the illness and demons were submitted to them. (more…)

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The power of the name.

The power is in recognizing Who is Jesus and acting under His authority.

The power of the name of Jesus is not based on pronouncing the name Jesus. There is no magic on pronouncing this name.

There is no power on calling my neighbor Jesus, just because his name is Jesus. He won’t perform a miracle for me.

There is nothing special on the sound of the name Jesus by itself. (more…)

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It’s amazing what some people do for others. When a Christian does something amazing, there are many others to publicize it as a testimony. When a non-Christian does something sometimes even greater, often, there is no communities to testify of it.

I heard a women story, and I was amazed how God changed her. She is not a newborn Christian, but she has radically changed and in her conversation you would hear mentioning God quite often. Without a doubt, she is a newborn believer. She was telling me that some people she knew killed themselves with their families because of the economic crisis.

She said that they are not aware that God is so powerful. That those people may not even ever have to face starvation, and the situation would be only temporarily.

She told me how she lost her home, her job and even her husband when the economy was good. How she went through everything and how she recovered everything back. She said that through the whole process, she learned to forgive and to share with anyone in need and also to rejoice with those that are doing well. She said that everything she ever did, she paid it. That the best way to live is by doing the right thing.

She changed so much that even gave shelter to her ex-husband and his girlfriend, the one whom he cheated with when they were married.

God is not just in church, but everywhere believers are. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are not the one we see in the church meetings, but anyone who does the will of God.

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Free Domain Evan Roberts

Evan Roberts, English revivalists

Ministers are the people who represent someone and also people who serve other people. In other words, a minister is a servant that also can represent his master once sent by the master. It also means inferior and minor.

There is no glory on being called minister. The glory of a minister comes trough his obedience to his master. The loyal minister is honored by his master over all his other servants. (more…)

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