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Part of professing Christ is to understand our priorities in life.

When we know Jesus, he comes to be our main priority.  He is the support from where our lives are hanging.

But, I can’t be sincere with Jesus if I do not carry with my obligations as parent, child of my parents, neighbor and friend.

If someone needs me, as Christian, I should be there for them.

The people who need me the most, are my children.  They need me, to supply all their needs.  They won’t be productive and happy people if I don’t do my job.

My job is to nurture them, to feed them, to support them, to pray for them, and to correct them.

The most difficult aspect of raising our children is to turn them into well-behaved kids.

Eli had this problem, 1 Samuel 1-4.  He was a high priest and served God, but not so his children.  His children did evil at the eyes of
God and he didn’t correct them.

When we have children is not about whether we know how to correct them.  It’s that, we have to correct them.  We don’t give up until we see results.  If what I do is not giving results, I should try what gives me results.  But my child has to behave well.

And one thing I noticed with my own children is that I need to believe that they will listen to what I say.  In other words, I need to speak with authority.  To speak with authority has nothing to do with speaking loud.  You need to be credible.

Do not assume, they would not listen.  Always believe that they will listen, or you will find the way for them to listen.

The secret of good parenting is not spanking neither entertaining your kids, but to pay attention on their reactions and to listen to all their needs.   Teach them how to live their lives, using the most powerful tool that any parent can use.  This tool is the word of God.  This is our manual for salvation and our manual for life and the manual for our children’s lives. Proverbs 22:6

And last, but not the least important, we need to pray for them.  What we can’t do, God can do it.  It does not matter what type of kid you have, everyone will benefit from praying parents.   If your child is beautiful, super smart, outgoing, well behave.  This child still needs parents who pray for him or her.   Only God knows the future, and He can also shape it.

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