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El amor de Dios es manifestado en el gozo de servir a los demás sin buscar reconocimiento o beneficio alguno.

No como quien ejerce un trabajo penoso sino mas bien, el trabajo hecho con amor, nos renueva, nos completa y nos produce alegría.

Quien amara a Dios y aborrecera a su hermano?
Quien servirá a la iglesia del Senor y no servirá a su hermano?
Quien negara perdón a su hermano y sera por Dios perdonado?
Quien no se conmoverá ante la necesidad del hermano y dirá que tiene amor en su corazón?
Quien amara a toda la gente en el mundo y aborrecera a su vecino que esta cerca?
Quien sera capaz de amar a su enemigo y aborrecer a su marido, a sus padres o a su hijos?

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Most of the controversial issues among Christians would end up if we based everything in the most basic concepts of God.

  • God is love.
  • God is one.
  • God is Spirit.

God is love and everyone born from him love his brother. If someone does not love his brother, such does not know God.
On this, we know that we are in Him and that we are in the true, in that we love one another, according to the Apostle John.

God is one and there is no division in him. And so his church is one and indivisible, because every member is born from the Spirit and is united to God by love and so united to the rest of the body.

There is no space for hate and resentment within the body of Christ. Jesus commended us even to love our enemies. And if we have to love those who prosecute us and curse us and hate us, how much those who are close to us and do not hate us, just disagree with us.

God is Spirit. We will never know God but through the Spirit, because He is Spirit. But we can’t perceive the spirit, but trough the word and the Character. And no one has the word of God, neither the character, but God himself. Only the words and life of Jesus show us God, because nobody knows the Father, but the one who came out of him (Jesus). He is the only way through God and we can only know his words and character through the scriptures.

The revelation of the scriptures comes by the the faith in Jesus Christ and the presence of his Holy Spirit. And there is no confirmation on any revelation without agreement with the scriptures, or confirmation by prophecy.

By the mouth of two or three witnesses should be taken all matters. So the revelation of the word should be confirmed by the word of God or by more than one prophet who shows the fruit of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.

The scriptures have no meaning, if we don’t perceive them as real. In other words, we need to believe them, to see Jesus as a real man who once was around on earth. We also need to re-read the scriptures and pray over them. We also need to clean ourselves from all sins and fruit of the flesh and from our own prejudice and pre-learned ideas.

When we think we know something, we are actually locking ourselves to learn and to understand. No wonder children learn faster than adults!

To understand the scriptures, we need to know, that we don’t know it. The one who seeks is the one who finds. The one who ask is the one who receives.

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If anyone has the intention of exercising power over anyone through ministry, such a person should never minister in the church of The Lord.

If anyone wants to be over the others, such has to turn into the servant of everyone. This is what Jesus says.

Should a woman teach? This is a very polemical theme nowadays. The Didascalia is one of the non-canonical books. It gives us a more detailed explanation of what Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 14:34, and 1 Timothy 2:12. It seems that the widows were uneducated and not suitable to give an acceptable response about doctrines and issues on concerning punishment and reward, and the kingdom of the name of Christ and other subjects. This commands also applies to the layman. The idea seems to be to stop the Gospel from getting corrupted and misunderstood by the gentiles and new believers.

The widows were allow to speak about non-complex subjects such as concerning righteousness and faith in God.

Ministry is service, responsibility, sacrifice. You don’t preach to be honored, but to honor God. When you honor God, you are not seeking for recognition of any kind, but to do the will of God even if that represents to fight discrimination at your own church. The greatest ministers that history recognizes were killed, went to jail, and did not enjoy much reverence.

God called prophets when his people were in sin, to bring them back to repentance. Most of the time, kings hated the ministers of God, because their words were not pleasant.

Men of God who are sent by God are rarely welcome. There is no advantage on being a minister other than spiritual, and this is by the faith in God.

Let’s serve God with a pure heart and clean conscious  not seeking to please ourselves but to The Lord.

It’s a bigger issue to stop bad workers who offend the ministry with their actions than discriminating women preachers. As a good Christian, our main concern should be make sure that the ministers are bringing God’s message. If the message is good, let’s receive it. Let’s not judge, let God be the judge. Remember that we are not under the low of men but under the grace of God in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Pray to God over everything and watch for the fruits. A good tree will produce good fruits and a bad one, will produce bad fruits. The good preacher or minister will conduct in a good way according to the word of God. If a particular woman is a vessel of honor in the house of the Lord, why to disturb her? There is nothing in the bible that says that to be a woman is a sin. Nothing clearly says that women are unworthy of preaching the gospel of Jesus which is mean to be preached by testimonies. It says that Paul did not allowed women to teach or exercise power over men.

We all know that Paul often says this is from the Lord or this is from me. He made sure that the church understood that he was not speaking by the Lord all the time, but rather as a men experienced in the faith of Jesus Christ.

If you have something to testify about the wonders of God, you can preach in faith that God is wonderful and righteous.

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If you don’t repent from your sins, confess that Jesus is The Lord and keep his commandments living a holy life, you won’t be saved.

The Lord is coming at the time not expectedWhile some virgins were foolish and others were wise, all of them at one point slumbered and slept.

Matthew 25:5 “While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.”
The 10 virgins represent the church in this parable
Christians, wake up! Get ready to receive The Lord. Nowadays, everything points at his second coming. (more…)

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Jesus a Profet


If Muslims are serving one God, the creator of all things. It must be the same God that Jews and Christians serve. As we know, there is only one.

Simple logic.

The problem is whether they accept Jesus as Lord and Savior rather than a simple prophet.

It’s totally wrong to believe in Jesus as just another prophet. Why? Because Jesus did not presented himself as another prophet. He presented himself as the son of God, as the Messiah, as the promised king.

Not only that, Jesus said that he is the door and nobody comes to the Father, but through him (By the way, The Father is God).

If he was only a prophet, we should consider him as a false prophet. This is the case of the Jews.

But hey! He couldn’t be a false prophet. Why?

First of all, because the prophesies presented in Issiah for the Messiah took place on him, and so, many other prophesies.
Because nobody taught before him of power coming from good. His message was clearly expressed and proved that good defeats evil.

The Jews could not eliminate Jesus fellowship through prosecution and killing. So Rome couldn’t exterminate Christians.

Before Jesus, the law said: “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” Jesus said “Whoever believe in me, even if is death, will live forever.”

Jesus also said to his disciples, love even your enemies.

He also said to his disciples: “For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:20

He was talking of a higher justice that is not by the law, but just pure love and compassion to those who suffer or are in need. We should love as God love us even when we are sinners and do not deserve such love.

This message couldn’t be from any other, but from God himself.

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TraditionsAmerica is changing. This is a fact. The nation that protected religious freedom is getting caught under their own principles of freedom.

It’s a fact that true believers won’t embrace the gay culture and their practices as part of social diversity.
The Gay Community wants to be accepted as well as their practices and their living standards. Under Christians principles, gays are accepted if they repent, but never their practices. This is not acceptable to Christian principles. The worst part is that there are so many called Christian, who condemn us who believe homosexuality as a sin that they are calling us hate groups. (more…)

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Homosexuality, another sin

It's really just another sin?

Homosexuality is just another sin…

But what makes this so controversial?

Can a child be born as a sinner without ever committing any evil? Nothing sounds more ridiculous than being born a sinner and never had done anything.

There is another type of sin. That one that we don’t commit, but equally affect us. This is the sin committed by others. This is the one we grab, just by being part of a dysfunctional family, society or world. (more…)

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After Pentecost, the church experienced great change. We see Peter preaching, healing, but hey! This is not the first time that the disciples healed and performed great miracles. When the Lord sent the 12 and them the 70. The gospels say that they healed the sick, rebuked devils, resurrected the death and preached the good news of the kingdom. They were amazed of how the illness and demons were submitted to them. (more…)

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The power of the name.

The power is in recognizing Who is Jesus and acting under His authority.

The power of the name of Jesus is not based on pronouncing the name Jesus. There is no magic on pronouncing this name.

There is no power on calling my neighbor Jesus, just because his name is Jesus. He won’t perform a miracle for me.

There is nothing special on the sound of the name Jesus by itself. (more…)

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It’s amazing what some people do for others. When a Christian does something amazing, there are many others to publicize it as a testimony. When a non-Christian does something sometimes even greater, often, there is no communities to testify of it.

I heard a women story, and I was amazed how God changed her. She is not a newborn Christian, but she has radically changed and in her conversation you would hear mentioning God quite often. Without a doubt, she is a newborn believer. She was telling me that some people she knew killed themselves with their families because of the economic crisis.

She said that they are not aware that God is so powerful. That those people may not even ever have to face starvation, and the situation would be only temporarily.

She told me how she lost her home, her job and even her husband when the economy was good. How she went through everything and how she recovered everything back. She said that through the whole process, she learned to forgive and to share with anyone in need and also to rejoice with those that are doing well. She said that everything she ever did, she paid it. That the best way to live is by doing the right thing.

She changed so much that even gave shelter to her ex-husband and his girlfriend, the one whom he cheated with when they were married.

God is not just in church, but everywhere believers are. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are not the one we see in the church meetings, but anyone who does the will of God.

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Free Domain Evan Roberts

Evan Roberts, English revivalists

Ministers are the people who represent someone and also people who serve other people. In other words, a minister is a servant that also can represent his master once sent by the master. It also means inferior and minor.

There is no glory on being called minister. The glory of a minister comes trough his obedience to his master. The loyal minister is honored by his master over all his other servants. (more…)

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